Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our New Car

This is not the most exciting thing to read about but are so pleased to finally have a Belgian car. We spent ages looking at cars, driving all over Flanders including some very dodgy-looking areas of Brussels. Eventually one of Matt's friends was selling the car we wanted, a Renault Megane Scenic, which was good as we were worried about someone taking advantage of us not knowing the language or the (very long) process. First the seller had to provide us with a bit of paper saying that the car had passed Technische Controle, then we had to go and organise the insurance, then once we had evidence of insurance we had to go to Oostende to order the car plates (plates are owner specific, not car), then we had to wait for one plate to arrive in the post before going back to Oostende to get the second plate. Then finally we could have the car.

Of course we want to distinguish ourselves from the crazy Belgian drivers so a Union Jack sticker will be going onto the back of our car. See this article which sums up Belgian driving.

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