Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autoloze Zondag 2011

Last Sunday was Autoloze Zondag which means 'car-free Sunday'. Bruges was one of the 33 cities/municipalities in Flanders taking part.

From 10am until 6pm cars were technically not allowed to travel within the city gates, although I'm not sure how easy this was to control. We did see one or two cars. There were events all day throughout the city, such as bands playing in the Markt, childrens entertainment in the Burg, an orchestra at the Vismarkt (fish market), free bike check-ups at 'T Zand, and Argentinian Tango at Simon Stevinplein. Around 40,000 attended the events.

We took a wander down Langstraat where there were lots of stalls selling various things.

Then we sat in the Markt for a bit listening to music before ending up in Valmingstraat listening to some jazz.

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