Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday afternoon.

We seemed to find ourselves in some bizarre situations yesterday. After a late start to the morning, we walked down towards our local eetcafe De Verloren Hoek ( on the corner of Carmerstraat. A dog started to bark at us further ahead and this seemed to freak out the lady owner of said dog who then proceeded to cry and run off leaving us with her diary and a dog tied to the bench and now jumping and barking at the passing cars. Her diary did not yield anything helpful apart from various detailed doodlings. Several passers by also noticed what was going on but left us to it. So, we looked for the owner but with no success so I walked home to look up the local police number while Kerri looked after the dog. Spoke to the police but my credit ran out so I walked to the shop to get more credit, again leaving Kerri with our new friend. All the time, thoughts of us now having two dogs running through my head. However, on the way back, the lady had returned and Kerri was walking towards me down the canal. She had returned and mumbled in broken English that sometimes her head does funny things! Kerri told me that she now seemed perfectly normal.

So we made it to De Verloren Hoek and were enjoying a couple of pint'jes of beer when we heard a band approaching us which consisted of seven or eight older men dressed in blue tunics, a farmer's hat and a red scarf all playing musical instruments, being led by a man in a military uniform and being followed by a Saab convertible and about ten people on foot all smartly dressed. They stopped next to us and from the car alighted another "older" couple with sashes around their body with some Flemish writing on.  We can only assume that they may have been the mayor and mayoress of Brugge. They promptly left and carried on down the road only to return five minutes later and stop again outside the pub but this time to go in for a drink.

All this going on while the road was closed off due to a small flea market which we browsed but didn't find anything useful. In England, what we may call a garage sale.

So we headed home and Kerri knocked up a fabulous tagine, we watched Eurotrip with a brief appearance from Matt Damon and went to bed at 9.30!

Here are a few photos from the last few days:

Near our house


De Haan

Things are finally flowering in our garden!

Sing-Along at the Markt

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